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TASTING ROOM:  804.472.3172
Thursday:  12pm-5pm
Friday:  12pm-6pm
Saturday:  12pm-6pm
Sunday:  12pm-5pm
Major Holiday Mondays:  12pm-5pm

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Rick and Linda Phillips extend a warm welcome from General's Ridge Vineyard and Winery located in the heart ofVirginia's historic Northern Neck, a peninsula lodged between the Potomac and the Rappahannock Rivers which flow into the Chesapeake Bay. George Washington referred to it as "the Garden of Virginia".

General's Ridge Vineyard is Wheelchair Accessible

Events at General's Ridge Vineyard

For more information on any of the events listed on this page,  call the Tasting room at 804.472.3172, or email us at

Art Show at the Vineyard

Karen Kagey (Reynolds) 

As a young girl, Kagey remembers getting in trouble at a vacation bible school for coloring “outside the lines” and drawing in trees and animals that didn’t exist in the original drawing.  As she faced the wall in the corner for not following directions, she wondered what was wrong with improving a boring scene.

 A self-taught artist, she struggled with her early attempts of painting watercolor and acrylic scenes in a realistic fashion.  She grew bored with “staying in the lines” and frustrated with the predictable colorations in scenes.  One day her angst and anger collided while painting a water scene and she grabbed a paintbrush, dipped it in several colors and quickly painted the scene in a quirky fashion. It was her breakthrough moment.

Kagey has a sweet spot for old houses, having lived in several ramshackle homes in her 60+ years.  Today she is known for her twist of reality in her watercolor renderings of old lonely houses.  She also loves to paint large scenes of absurd realities of herself in a “Red Velvet Wingback Chair.”     

“I like it best if the viewers of my works linger a little longer, to see the life that still resides in an abandoned house, and to perhaps get a chuckle out of my obscure sense of humor in my larger works.”

Kagey lives near Lewisetta in a rustic cabin in the woods with two dogs and three cats.



Jacqueline Leavitt

Artist Jackie Leavitt waited until her retirement years to actively pursue her interest in art. She started with some continuing education classes in drawing and watercolor painting while spending winter time in Florida. Her drawing instructor, artist Helen Terry , provided the professional training she needed to get started. In Virginia she participates with the group of artists, Rivah Country Painters. She has shown with this group and sold her work at several local art groups on the Northern Neck area. Her work is best characterized by her use of intense colors and free style. She works with pen and ink and pastels to provide detail with watercolor flow from a palette of primary colors.

She grew up on the Northern Neck, graduating from Northumberland High School "a long time ago". Her working career was in math and computer science and software development with several companies and universities in the Richmond area. After years away she lives in her childhood home near Callao with her husband and her dog and cat.

Book the three bedroom Manor House up to six people for $195/night or the two bedroom Vineyard Views up to four people for $175/night for your summer vacation plans now.

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General's Ridge Vineyard is Wheelchair Accessible

General's Ridge Vineyard is Wheelchair Accessible